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Does having ESG integrated in the investment process provide a competitive advantage?

CAMRADATA gathered a group investment consultants, asset owners and managers in London to discuss ESG matters.

Smart Beta: Key Investment Issues

Smart beta, alternative beta, engineered, systematic, and even semi-active. These buzzwords lie between traditional passive and active management.

Key Investment Issues - Facing the Insurance Industry

By tradition, general insurers have not used derivatives for investment purposes. In 2010 fewer than 100 – just over 3% - of US-based Property & Casualty insurers held synthetics within their portfolios.

Europe’s Exit From Recession: Fact or Fallacy?

CAMRADATA gathered together investment consultants and European equity portfolio managers to discuss opportunities in Europe for institutional and high net-worth investors. 

The cost of a good friend

Pension fund trustees have to decide whether Liability-Driven Investing (LDI) is their friend or foe. In theory it makes sense to better match assets to liabilities. 

Diversified Growth Funds – The Next Generation

What Makes a Good DGF?
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