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Multi Asset Credit

Monday, July 24, 2017

Multi Asset Credit

For many years investors have considered fixed income as a pretty safe haven especially when investing in it to help offset more volatile and risky investments held in their portfolios. The risk of capital loss in bond portfolios was generally viewed as limited especially during years of falling interest rates. However, investors are now becoming more concerned about the risk of losing money with rates more and more likely expected to rise. 


Plus with pension liabilities increasing and insurance firms’ liabilities still requiring to be met the returns available from fixed income assets to help fund them are still relatively low. In addition, one could argue that some of the largest and most liquid segments of the global fixed income market do not appear particularly attractive today. 


But do investors need to be as concerned as they are especially now there are opportunities in fixed income strategies where they are not constrained to one type of investment but have the opportunity to allocate capital and adjus  their risk exposures dynamically across the full fixed income spectrum. 


This is why Multi-Asset Credit strategies have become increasingly popular… it is their flexible and diversified approach that makes them attractive to investors investing in this asset class. 


However, given the continuous challenges in the fixed income market does Multi-Asset Credit still meet the needs of the investors not just now but more importantly for the future as well? And how are asset managers reviewing their allocation in this strategy and what changes, if any, are investors making in their approach to this asset class? 


CAMRADATA’s Roundtable will therefore focus on the opportunities offered by Multi- Asset Credit and investigate what the future holds for this asset class both in this current macroeconomic climate and going forwards.


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