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The case for Value

During the gloomiest moments of February  many investment commentators had become convinced that disaster was looming.

Insurance view: Monetary Policy Unmasked: What NIRP Teaches Us

Investors feel like Alice when she tumbled down the rabbit hole into  Wonderland. Except instead of encountering talking rabbits and time that runs backwards, investors see a land in which five central banks have imposed negative interest rate policy (NIRP).

A good time for Value investors

Innumerable studies have demonstrated that value stocks have outperformed growth stocks in the long run.

DB View: DB pensions and their role in the end of BHS

After a series of well-publicised hearings and the gathering of much evidence, the MPs investigating the events leading up to the demise of BHS have published a report setting out their findings.

Brexit: What our readers think?

CAMRADATA carried out an investment survey, specifically with the intention to gather valuable insight to our readers’ views regarding Brexit.

Indiscriminate selling in Asia may create attractive opportunities for discriminate buyers

The recent volatility across Asian markets has provided a timely reminder  that investment returns don’t come in a straight line. With concerns about slowing Chinese growth at the epicentre, weak investor sentiment has reverberated across the region.

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