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ASIAN EQUITIES offer significant opportunities

Even though Asian equities faced a considerable degree of volatility during 2016, the MSCI Asia ex Japan Index managed to end the year on a positive note, up 5.4% for the year (total returns in USD).

SHAREACTION On why the investment industry must put its might to good use

For those of us working in finance, few doubt the influence of private capital.


Multi-asset investing continues to be popular among institutional and individual investors. The evolution of multi-asset investing has its roots in the premise that it can provide diversification away from specialist managers (a manager for equities, fixed income, etc.).

MULTI ASSET INCOME Natural income in an unpredictable world

We believe that a multi asset approach to income can enable investors to benefit from high levels of sustainable and predictable cash flows without taking excessive levels of risk. 

JAPAN 2.0: A New Generation of Growth

There are two prevalent misconceptions when it comes to looking at Japan. Firstly many investors have lost patience with Abenomics and disregarded the amount of time it takes for change to take hold and leave a lasting impact on markets.

Insurance View: Trump election shows the Trompe-l'oeil of statistics

While many other people have been discussing what a Trump Presidency could look like and whether it represents some sort of paradigm shift, I have been musing on how wrong the pollsters were.

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