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Update on Vietnam's debt markets

Many investors still think of Vietnam as it was in 2008-2011, with high and volatile inflation and interest rates, and a weak currency. This view is, however, probably unfair.

Asset Allocation in emerging markets: The case for EM Debt

The case for investing in emerging markets (EM) has grown over time, as the weight of EM within the global economy has surged.

DC View: iPad versus Pension - a fair fight now?

Back in the early 1970s we had Maggie Thatcher who, as the Education  Secretary of the time, was labelled the “Milk Snatcher” when removing free milk for the under 7s, and now we have Philip Hammond the “iPad Nabber” taking away employees’ access to discounted iPads and Galaxy Tabs!


UK based investors have traditionally relied upon equity dividend income to provide the core of their income orientated portfolio.

CHINA: consumption is the way forward

Volatility in 2017 could cause short-term pain but long-term gain if it forces  Beijing to accelerate economic transition away from exports in the face of anti-globalisation, writes Nicholas Yeo.

INVESTING without a crystal ball

With the end of 2016, and a spectacular post-election run-up in the stock  market, it is critical to evaluate how best to invest in a U.S. equity market confronted by both positive and negative cross currents.

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