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Reaching the port regardless of any storm – why investors must focus on real returns, not benchmarks

All charity trustees look to investment managers to produce results which allow them to support their own charitable activities and meet future funding objectives. 

Investors may have to take a wider and more imaginative approach to asset selection

Defensive investors have had a long free ride on the back of the 30 year bull market in bonds. At some stage in the future, possibly sooner rather than later, this bull market is likely to come to an end or even move into a long-term reversing cycle.

All the small things: An examination of US smaller companies

It’s not easy being small. Not only are smaller companies less popular than large caps among investors and public consumers, they also lose the popularity battle among Wall Street analysts.

Black smoke billows from green cars' baterries

It’s “pedal to the metal” on German highways, and for all the hype about electric cars, petrol – and yes – diesel fumes are here to stay. But even electric vehicles are a lot less “green” than one might think, as long as batteries are drawing power from smokestack industries.

When Final Is not quite final...

Last week the EU signed off the final version of its long anticipated new regulations governing securitisation as part of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) legislation.

An active approach to bond market duration risk

Mark Benbow of Kames Capital warns of the growing duration risk within the global bond market and how clients should be mindful of increasing risk by default, rather than by design.

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