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Asia Ex Japan – a bright spot on the investment horizon?

At Pyrford our primary aim is to preserve our clients’ capital.

DC View: How smart beta can help DC schemes

Smart beta has almost as many definitions as there are people who use the term. Let’s begin, then, by specifying what we at BlackRock mean by it.

Keeping a cool head in Korea

Shares are not simply pieces of paper. When you invest in equities, you are essentially buying a fractional ownership interest in a business. 

Insurance view: What drives insurers to invest?

The low interest rate environment creates problems for insurance companies who generally need positive investment returns to create profitable products that consumers find attractively priced.

Why investors are wising up to the workforce

Workforce issues are financially material to companies, and investors are waking up to this, reports ShareAction.

Forex Market Rigging II: Act now to boost your returns

Before rigging scandals started to rock the City, the average person on the street would have been wholly unfamiliar with the 4pm London Fix or the Libor question.

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