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Is the sun still rising for Japanese Equities?

UK Equity was the ninth most searched asset class in 2014 carried out by the European and UK institutional clients. But what about Japanese equity? Is there still a ray of sunshine to be found?

DC schemes could learn a few tricks from DB schemes

Defined contribution pension schemes are now facing a fork in the road, given more pension reforms were announced during the Budget.

‘Solve tomorrow’s problems rather than the problems of yesterday’

Are existing solutions enough to counteract the ever changing pensions landscape? HSBC's CIO shares his views on the 'bird in the hand'.

Regulation: could less mean more?

The UK currently has a handful of bodies to keep the asset management industry in check, but have we gone into overdrive?

The ECB’s €1.1 trillion rescue plan

The expanded asset purchase programme will see the ECB add to the purchase of sovereign bonds in order to tackle low inflation and sluggish growth.

Stewardship-shy managers take the spotlight

Some of the largest UK asset managers, who are signatories of the UK's stewardship code, are shirking from engaging in corporate governance.
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