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Election 2015: Cameron's Brexit on the horizon

Britain's exit from the EU is looking very likely as the Conservatives edge closer to a majority win.

Solvency II: asset data reporting challenges

Solvency II (SII) requires the reporting in significantly greater detail and volume of asset data than ever before.

Multi-asset investing 'first port of call' for investors

Gone are the days of 'old-school' binary decisions between equities and fixed income, managers can now pick 'n' mix from a variety of asset classes.

How will the financial services industry look after the election?

Markets hate uncertainty, and when the prospect of a multi-party coalition government is likely after 7 May, should the industry be wary?

Exchange traded funds – what’s the big $2.93 trillion deal?

ETFs and ETPs reached a new record global high of $2.93 trillion at the end of Q1 2015, but when did this investment space become hot property?

‘Work within your budget of investing within 75bps’

With pension reforms coming into effect April 6, how is the pensions industry going to offer stable performance in the face of potentially poor and volatile returns?
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