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2015/2016: A ‘fairy tale’ story?

This Monday, 02/05/2016, marked a season of sporting history as much a miracle. The 2015/2016 English Premier League had finally been won after numerous twists and turns and Leicester City were crowned champions

Sharia-compliant funds: The law of Islam

The concept of Sharia-compliant funds date back to the 1960’s, where their creation was primarily driven by high net-worth individuals and their attraction to the idea of faith-based investing.

Concentration or diversification: A very fine line

Diversification may have all the characteristics to reduce risk and volatility, but once a certain number is exceeded, do the benefits become diminishable? 

Fees: Weighing up the value

Now, more so than ever, the topics surrounding fees have come under vast scrutiny – are asset managers’ quoted fees justified or are they too high, meaning investors are taken advantage of?

Insurance: Challenges facing the industry

In this day and age, in a complex and heavily interconnected world, here are some of the new dangers that insurers are faced with

Easter strategies: Bunnies, chickens and eggs

With Easter looming upon us, here are some Easter themed investment topics to get you all geared for the long weekend
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