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Perish or prosper: The Premier League tackles Brexit

After a Remain fuelled build up, leave snuck in a late winner and now the Premier League will have to manage the consequences of an out vote

What's the right number?

Many investors can sometimes be conflicted on whether to have a single asset manager managing all their assets or expand their reach to a number of different asset managers but which approach would fare better?

As luck would have it…

Investors are constantly blaming their misfortunes on bad luck but does luck have anything to do with investments, on both the up and downside? 

Stock markets on retreat as England head to Euros

Before we break out the bunting and the Three Lions t-shirts, let’s ask ourselves what effect the Euros, or a World Cup in which England competes in, have on the UK investment market – is there any relationship? 

Currencies in the current economic climate

It’ll be an eventful second half of the year and given the significance of currencies on investors’ portfolios, we spoke to a number of asset managers to get their current views on major currencies and their associated impacts to investment markets. 

Surviving a lack of liquidity

What are the various forms of liquidity that exist and how can they be managed?

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